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Cool curd rice for summer

Ingredients Rice 1 cup Water 3 cups Thick curd 3 cups Finely chopped coriander leaves – ¼ cup White grapes slit into halves – 1 cup Broken Cashews – ¼ cup Curry leaves – 15 Red chilly – 2 Mustard – ¼ tea spoon Asafetida – 1 pinch Sugar – ½ spoon Ghee – 2 tea spoon Oil – 2 tea spoon Salt to taste

Method cook rice in a pressure cooker with recommended quantity of water. The rice should be cooked till it becomes soft. Take out the rice from cooker and spread it in a large bowl and allow it to cool. When rice gets cooled add finely chopped coriander leaves curd grapes salt and sugar to rice. Place a ladle on stove and roast cashews with ghee and add it to rice. Heat oil in a ladle add mustard to it. When it crackles add curry leaves chilly and asafetida. Pour this on curd rice. Mix everything well.

Benefits of Ingredients

Rice consists of lots of carbohydrates. This acts as an instant energizer and refreshes body and mind. It gets digested easily and quickly. It is an ideal health food for those who are debilitated and weak and require easy assimilation and quick energy. Texts of ayurveda recommend rice gruels along with buttermilk for digestive disorders such as diarrhea dysentery morning sickness colitis and jaundice.

Grapes Grapes act as body coolant. They boosts memory power and act as a brain tonic. They help to relive constipation and promote digestion. These berries act as cardiac tonic and increase blood hemoglobin. Grapes are known to balance rakta blood and pitta. Hence they are very useful in gout and allergies. They strengthen the lungs and help in patients who are recuperating from tuberculosis bronchitis and asthma. Grapes help in cystitis and burning micturition as they sooth the inner layers of bladder and act as diuretic. Fertility of men and women increases with the regular consumption of these berries. They strengthen the female reproductive system and increase the sperm count and sperm motility. Grapes play an important role in boosting immunity of skin and thus protecting it from various skin disorders.

curd Intestinal infections like cholera typhoid amoebiasis etc usually surface during summer. Consuming curd daily during summer helps to increase intestinal flora friendly bacteria present in intestine . These bacteria increase the resistance of our intestines to these infections. Hence curd is known as a probiotic.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that promote healthy digestion and build immunity. The most common friendly bacteria probiotics are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. These probiotics are easily available in the form of curd yogurt . Persons who cannot digest milk can digest curd easily.

Consuming curd rice daily especially during summer keeps the digestion and intestinal problems away. According to ayurveda curd absorbs water from intestines hence called as Grahi . By the virtue of this property it is widely used to treat diarrhea and dysentery. It mitigates vata dosha increases kapha and pitta. Curd helps to increase quality and quantity of semen strengthens the body accelerates digestion agni stimulates taste buds and acts as an appetizer.Curd reduces irritability of bladder and helps in emptying bladder easily.
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The Chemistry of Love

Intense feelings of passion and romance of a new relationship often describe the wonderful feeling of being swept away engulfed in a euphoric state of emotion or on a love high . The book The Chemistry of Love by Michael Liebowitz 1991 has researched why we feel involuntary chemical reactions when meeting new people that we are attracted too. There is some real basis to the chemistry and how it effects our brains. Liebowitz states The investigations contend that the initial elation and the energizing high of excitement giddiness and euphoria characteristic of passionate love are a result of surging levels of three key brain chemicals Norepinephrine dopamine and especially phenylethlamine PEA . Extreme highs can be felt by tapping the PEA factory when we meet someone. Dopamine and Norepinephrine are released causing psychological and physiological reactions similar to amphetamines. The Dopamine system is linked to reward driven learning meaning that when we meet someone that we are attracted to a Dopamine release reenforces the interaction as a positive one and ultimately adjusts our mental attitudes to an expectation of positive reaction. We actually become addicted to the person we ve met. Well at least for as long as it lasts which is different for everyone. Most often relationships can retain such a high for the first six months and up to a year. Thereafter other aspects of life creep in and that is when the real work begins.

Another well known chemical reaction is in the form of Oxytocin. Oxytocin is secreted during cuddling caressing and physical intimacy. Dopamine and Oxytocin both contribute for sexual arousal which further fuels the fire to passionate love and signals this couple that they are clearly responding to one another.

Three areas of chemically induced love can be defined as Attachment Attraction and Lust. The Attraction aspect often involves loss of appetite and loss of sleep.This is a result of the chemical reactions from Dopamine Serotonin Norepinephrine and a Nerve Growth Factor. The Attachment aspect is a result of Oxytocin and Vasopressin. Lastly Lust can be chemically traced to levels of Testosterone and Estrogen. As an aside Pheromones can also play a part in our attraction to another. All in all we cannot necessarily control how our body reacts to others but we can recognize that love is an ever evolving feeling and pay attention to when these chemical reactions occur and how they effect us.

However the amphetamine like high and sexual arousal associated with new love does not typically last. Our body ultimately stops responding because we become accustom to the high and our bodies develop a tolerance to PEA and the related neurotransmitters. The Nerve Growth Factor has shown to have retreated back to original levels prior to the love high within a year. This is because our brain becomes unable to keep up the demand for higher and higher levels of PEA to keep that loving feeling. Therefore the high that we began to love and depend on eventually diminishes and fades away. Usually between six months to a year. This is the point in the relationship where it either heads south or begins to really grow

Love Passion Romance and Intimacy are the very foundations for a happy and healthy relationship. While other characteristics and intrinsic actions also qualify for a successful relationship my passion and desire is to bring sex alive and well to every relationship while addressing the very foundations necessary to do so.
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There are various types of salon supplies. Salon Appointment Books affect the efficiency with which the salon is run while salon towels affect the customer experience to a great extent. Let us take a closer look at these two basic salon supplies.

Salon Appointment Books

Salon appointment books are an essential tool in ensuring that all appointments are met and that you are maximizing your revenue stream by allotting the proper amount of time to each appointment. Clients make change and cancel salon appointments with great frequency. Some of your best clients are the ones who keep you guessing as to when they will actually show up. An updated salon appointment book will always keep you one step ahead of the game.

A properly maintained salon appointment book can be as important to your business as styling chairs salon towels hair clippers or any other must have salon supplies. With clients constantly calling to change times and book new appointments a salon appointment book can easily become your best friend

Whether it is a first time client or someone who s been with you from the beginning setting and managing appointments are perhaps the most important aspects of running a successful salon. Every important relationship in the beauty industry revolves around appointments and delivering services as promised.

Salon Towels

Salon towels must be sturdy and strong yet gentle on the skin. Buy salon towels by the dozen for the ultimate in savings. You can either consider economy salon towels or the bleach safe deluxe salon towels. Do you have a salon that’s just been opened or remodeled with lots of colors? Supplement your basic white towels with some color splashes. Opt for burgundy green or black salon towels. These rich colors look sharp with the chrome shining on many pieces of salon furniture.

There is a reason economy hair salon towels are a staple for most salon businesses. The chemicals and solutions so necessary for certain services are tough on a towel. That’s where economy towels come in handy. Also clients in the barber chairs with short hair may not need a thick towel while customers with long hair may appreciate a little more fluff. The salon stations for hair tanning nails and skin care all require various towels. If you are constantly worried about keeping the beauty salon towels washed and a watchful eye on the stacks it’s time to stock up.
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How to Choose the Best Men's Collar Styles for Your Face Shape

Most men wear a standard traditional point or button down collar dress shirt either out of habit or because stores do not offer other choices. The problem is that these collars may not flatter the shape of your face. Here is a simple guide to help you decide which collar style looks best on you.

Round Face
You have full cheeks with a rounded jaw line. Narrow point collars help to thin and elongate a round face. The best collar styles for you have straight points with a traditional or narrow spread. Stick to a traditional point for versatility button down and hidden button down for a sportier look narrow point for a fashion look and tab collar for a formal dressy look.

Best Collars Standard Point Button Down Narrow Point Hidden Button Down and Tab Collar

Avoid spread collars they make your face appear wider and fuller.

Worst Collars Medium Spread Wide Spread and Varsity Spread

Square Face
You have a square jaw line which gives your face a broad square angular appearance. Square faces look best wearing traditional point collar shirts for versatility narrow point collars for a fashion look button down and hidden button down for a sporty look and tab collar shirts for a formal look.

Best Collars Standard Point Button Down Narrow Point Hidden Button Down and Tab Collar

Avoid spread collars they make your face appear wider and fuller.

Worst Collars Medium Spread Wide Spread and Varsity Spread

Triangular or Diamond Face
You have pronounced cheekbones and a narrow pointed chin which gives your face a diamond shape. To make your jaw line appear wider choose shirts with a medium spread to wide spread collar.

Best Collars Medium Spread Wide Spread and Varsity Spread

Avoid narrow spread collars including button down collars they make your jaw line appear weak.

Worst Collars Button Down Narrow Point Hidden Button Down and Tab Collar

Oblong or Rectangular Face
Oblong faces tend to appear long with a u shaped jaw line. You need collars with a wider spread to give your face the appearance of fullness. Choose medium spread collars for everyday and wide spread collars for a formal look.

Best Collars Medium Spread Wide Spread and Varsity Spread

Avoid narrow spread collars including button down hidden button down and tab collars they make your face appear long and narrow.

Worst Collars Button Down Narrow Point Hidden Button Down and Tab Collar

Oval Face
You are fortunate because you can wear any collar style. Enjoy wearing traditional collars for an everyday look button down collar shirts for a sportier casual look tab collars for a neat dapper appearance or wide spread collars for a formal look.

Best Collars Standard Point Button Down Narrow Point Hidden Button Down Tab Collar Medium Spread Wide Spread and Varsity Spread

Ask for Advice and Help
To determine your face shape ask a family member or friend. You may also seek the opinion of a men s clothing store specialist or ask an image consultant.

Don t be afraid to try something new Learning about and choosing collar styles that look great on you will enhance your appearance and get you tons of compliments—it could even help you get ahead in your career.

Where to Find a Good Selection of Shirt Collar Styles
Department stores usually carry only the basic styles. You will be better off shopping at a men s specialty store or finding a custom tailor who specializes in dress shirts. If you still can t find the right collar style for you check on line. It may be only a click away

A Custom Made Shirt May be Your Best Option
You will be amazed how affordable custom made shirts can be. Custom made shirts allow you a better selection of styles and fabrics. They will fit your budget as well as your body

Copyright c 2008 Janine Giorgenti
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Tips for Learn Piano

Piano’ everyone knows that it is a great instrument and its sounds so nice and pleasure. Its sound gives you relaxes and enjoyable feelings. But here is a question arrive in our mind that how we can learn piano or play piano? Don’t worry in this modern era it is a difficult task. Internet helps to learn piano and it is an easy way to teach yourself piano. Here we are trying to provide you all small and big tips quickly which help you to play piano very easily. Now we tell you some tips about piano.

Warm up Fingers before Play Piano

First of all warm up your fingers before play piano. It is important because it helps you to move your fingers up and down quickly and easily which is necessary to create good sounds. It reduces stress and pain which you feel later and it also increase the strength of your hand. A worming hand work better than cold. There are no special exercises for warming hands move your hand in several directions and it will be done.

Identifying the Piano Keys

After warming your hand try to identify the piano keys. It needs more intention and also little bit hard but it is the most important step of learn piano. Then set your fingers on the keys and press it softly. There are two types of keys white keys and black keys. Black keys also knows as accidentals keys are small than white keys. These keys generate sharp sound. Here you find every key generates different sounds. So do it very carefully because it is important and basic step for learning.

Watch piano lesion on you tube

Internet provides you several piano lessons you can watch it online which is so simple just type piano lessons in the search box many lessons presents on your system screen. These lessons help you to know how you teach yourself piano. With the help of these piano lessons you can compare you experience with other people. Here you find new techniques and tunes which will makes you a good piano expert.

Listen piano songs online

Listen piano songs online and try to follow it. It is most important step and also good practice. But it means that it is not so easy it needs lot of time for practice and intention. It is really hard and time consuming process. As you know charismas and wedding songs are simple piano songs. Piano and these songs go together. So try to play piano in the sense of these songs and achieve the first step of your target and also try to create your own easy tones.

After all we can say you can become expert piano player easily and quickly with the help of internet. If you want to teach yourself piano follow these tips carefully and you will becomes a great piano player. Another benefit of learn piano you will become special among other and people gives you great fame. You can play piano and sing together at same time which is great experience.
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Self AWareness 28 Vethathiri Maharishi

Self Awareness 28 Vethathiri Maharishi the Kundalini Master

Hello I m Steven Sadleir talking to you about self awareness. And in this little mini series we re doing I want to introduce the Vethathiri Maharishi. I was fortunate in my years of studying and traveling through India to meet many great masters including many great Kundalini and Kriya masters. But it was Vethathiri Maharishi who I apprentice with for over five years and who trained me. And so lot of the things that I m going to be sharing with you I original learned from him and this is a lineage that goes back for many thousands of years.

First thing I would like to point out is how respected he was in India and around the world. I always tried to do background checks on the different gurus I was interviewing for my book Looking for God and he impressed me the most. He was nominated for a noble piece price. He had hundreds meditation centers and thousands of students all over the world. Many still active today.

More important than what he said for me was observing how he lived his life deal with challenges money and people. He lived it. I ve hung out with dozens of gurus from India and other countries and often you find a persona on stage or in Satsang that is different off stage and in worldly life. Vethathiri maharishi taught us to look within to find God. To enquire into the nature of our selves but more importantly he showed us how to bring more love into your own lives so we could share it together. This I think we could all use.

When I was with this teacher I would get high as a kite on the Shakti coming out of him the Holy Spirit was so strong it was palpable. But the most important thing this Swamiji taught me was that the true guru lies within you and this is the note I want to leave you with. Look within yourself find that spark of Divinity and let it out. I will show you.

Steven S. Sadleir
Self Awareness Institute
YouTube Self Awareness Institute
Enlightenment Radio Google it
Podcast Channel Self Awareness Institute on iTunes
Free downloads http free downloads.html
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Solving Problems with a Pawn Broker

There are a number of problems that people face with pawn brokers. However there are two problems that people worry about the most when they deal with a pawn broker. These two problems are when you cannot pay them back and when you lose the pawn receipt that you have been given. It is important that you know what you can do if you are faced with these problems.

When You Can’t Pay the Pawn Broker Back

There are a lot of people who take loans with a pawn broker that they feel they will be able to pay back. However there are times when you will not be able to pay back the amount that you need. The options that you have available to you will vary depending on the value of the loan and what you are comfortable with.

If you are comfortable with losing the item of value that you have put up a security of the loan then you do not have to do much. When you are unable to pay the broker back they will sell the item and this could cover the loan amount that you cannot repay. However if the sale of the item does not cover the loan then you are still liable for repayment. If the sale of the item results in more money than you owe the pawn broker must give you the difference.

If you have a loan that is less than £75 the item you put up will belong to the broker and they can sell it. If the loan is more than £75 then the item will still belong to you but the pawn broker is allowed to sell it. For loans that are over £100 the pawn broker will need to tell you before they sell the item which gives you time to get the money together for it.

When You Lose Your Receipt

There are a lot of people who worry about what could happen if they lose the receipt that they are given. The value of the loan you have taken will also affect what you can do if you lose the receipt. If the loan is less than £75 you can get a standard form from the pawn broker which you sign. This form states that you are the owner of the item. The problem with this is that the broker is not obligated to give this to you.

If the loan has a value of more than £75 then you will not be able to get a standard form. In this case you will need to legally swear that you own the item. To do this you have to go to a magistrate or a commissioner for oaths and swear before them.

The two most common problems that people face when using pawn brokers are not being able to pay back the loan and losing the receipt they get. It is important that you know what you can do in these cases before you actually use a pawn broker. When you know what could go wrong you can determine whether or not you should be using a pawn broker.
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Fashionable Boys Underwear Have Become Popular Than Ever Before

Wearing stylish undergarments with the right fit offers comfort and accentuate your overall appearance. After all fashion is not only meant for women and girls boys today prefer a fashionable undergarment that is handsome and stylish. Both girls and boys love to own sexy lingerie for special occasions or just to feel at par with the latest fashion trends. In other words fashionable underwear is a fashion statement for both girls and boys. Today low waist pants with trendy underwear is fashionable among teenage boys. Due to the increased demand of stylish undergarments among today’s fashion conscious generation Spanx Calvin Klein and other renowned brands have a collection of lingerie for women and boys as well. These trendy boys underwear accentuate comfort and fashion.

In the early day’s undergarments were only meant for the elite in the society as they were expensive However today they are a necessity for boys and accentuate a sense of style for the working man. They become accessible for all ages in the early 18th century since linen boxers had affordable prices. Additionally linen was preferred as it was comfortable. As fashion is still transforming by the day you expect to find different styles and designs of boys’ underwear. Sport briefs for boys do no differ from men’s boxers but you will notice a slight difference in terms of style and sizes. Initially boy’s undergarments included shorts and briefs. But today you can find numerous designs including hip briefs and boxer briefs just to mention but a few. For instance professional bodybuilders prefer to wear a certain type of undergarment with cuts to enhance the appearance of their muscles. Likewise there is a variety of designs in sports. Sport briefs have special cuts as compared to regular shorts. Sport briefs
are made with quality fabric to allow proper ventilation during high intensity activities. On the other hand the undergarment has micro fibers that provide a perfect stretch when playing sports or exercising at the gym.

The changing fashion trends have brought new and better styles in boys underwear made with quality fabric. Under armour t shirts for men also feature stylish trends. Men’s boxer stores are usually flooded with a range of products including under armour t shirts and sports briefs of various patterns and colors as well as different sizes. Plus size undergarments are also available at these stores. Simply put you are always guaranteed to find sports brief that fit perfectly and the preferred design.

Many renowned brands have a wide range of men’s sports lingerie and sport briefs. These popular brands have a collection of stylish briefs for every season of the year. Made in a variety of styles and functionality these clothing brands always have new stylish boxers to keep their customers happy. The best thing is that designer boys underwear are tailor made so they fit perfectly as the fabric used can easily stretch. Branded lingerie and boys’ undergarments are made of quality fabric that prevents allergies and infections. Moreover branded undergarments often pass through quality tests before they are launched in the market. You can find these popular brands in any store all around the world. Alternatively you can shop for boys’ undergarments online at the comfort of your home. If you want to buy sexy lingerie or stylish boys’ undergarments simply browse the web for fashionable designs offered by prominent clothing brands.
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IS It Really To Cost $35 For One Jordan 13 Shoes

Since 1985 consumers have looked forward to the latest Jordans shoe brand year after year. Jordan 13 is among the numerous designs in this line and has been tagged as one of the best performing sneaker and one of Michael Jordan s favourite creations. It was launched in 1997 and has been named as one of the second lightest of all Air Jordans.

The shoe was designed by Jordan s close friend by the name Hartfield. Hartfield dubbed it black panther but changed it later to black cat. While doing all this he had not known that this was MJ s secret nickname. The whole aspect of the name was later clarified. When a cat falls it always lands on its feet and is able to reflexively twist its body using its sense of balance and flexibility. This characterized MJ s ways in the game.

The shoe has great features such as the zoom air panther eye hologram carbon fiber plate very unique sole circle conveying winkers and outsole with pads like a paw. There is a bit of leather covering the toe area and the rest of the shoe was wrapped in carbon fiber except the heel. This shoe gained its style inspiration from the African cheetah. The shoe has many other features that act as its trade mark and also enable wearers to identify with the shoe. Some of these features include the Jumpman logo image the number 23 and basketball which are all found around the heel area.

It offers a lot of benefits since the best cushioning technology is used in its production. It is a light weight unit whose palm has a complex modulation zoom air with large area of insole that adopts carbon material offering good stability and support. The upper part is made up of synthetic leather derma and nylon not only offering toughness but at the same time reducing the weight.

The Air Jordan 13 is a high quality sneaker that has become popular among many sportsmen and particularly those who play basketball. They are also classified and worn as casual wear fitted with a pair of jeans. They are popular because they fall under Michael Jordans line of shoes and he was wearing the pair when he scored his first ever double three peat.

These shoes come in a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes. This means that they can be worn by individuals of all ages and they also suit different individual tastes in terms of color. Some of the popular colors include the original black red and white red and the latest release white gold.

This shoe is regarded as one of the most famous sneakers in the Jordans line. It attained this status when Michael recorded the tenth scoring title and first ever double three peat. He did this during his second regular season while wearing these shoes.

Getting yourself a pair of Jordan 13 is a great idea as it gives you value for your money. This is because they are stylish comfortable trendy and durable. They are sold at major shoe stores either online or offline at competitive prices.
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History of Wireless Technologies


It took decades for wireless technologies to grow from just a simple concept to a revolutionary innovative technology integrated in devices from computers and handsets to microwave ovens. Michael Faraday may not have had a clue that his discovery of the principle of electromagnetic induction would also induce a domino effect which ultimately resulted in the development of wireless technologies that we use now.
Starting from radios wireless technologies basically grew out of proportion presently reaching the discovery of 4G connectivity. Human being’ constant desire to develop a much more efficient technology seems to have triggered the advancement of wireless technologies. At present WiFi Hotspots are found almost everywhere in urban buildings offering internet access to devices connected over Wireless LAN. Indoor access points let users connect to wired networks and are widely used in coffee shops and other public places.

The interesting past of wireless technologies

Faraday’s electromagnetic induction principles and Marconi’s discovery of wireless signal transmission brought forth a new idea of wireless communication. Funded by the US military in the World war era scientists eventually developed a short distance communication device for using in the battlefield which later went on to be a household device named Radio. However when electronic device manufacturers started funding creative and innovative ideas the radio found its successor in the form of wireless phones. The gigahertz radio frequencies then enabled point to multipoint or PMTP communication. This started the rapid evolution of wireless technologies.
Presently wireless internet service provider or WISP equipments are abundant supporting operation over licensed band of frequencies in UHF band. Wisp equipments can operate over 900 MHz to up to 5 GHz frequencies. Now customers can use CPEs or Customer Premises equipments such as wireless telephones WiFi routers set top boxes etc to distribute service providers’ services around the house via Wireless LAN.

Evolving from 1G to 4G

The technology implemented in cellular phones came to be known as the first generation wireless communication technology known as 1G. The wireless technology transmitted Analog signals at up to 2.4 Kbps and made it possible for users to make calls to other phones in the same country. It supported frequencies of upto 800 MHz. Data services were almost nonexistent in 1G.
Owing to the demand for better sound quality the 2G technology was developed. Even though this form wireless technology provided the same data rates of 1G the sound quality improved as it used Digital Circuit Switched technology. The D AMPS technology in 2G covered USA while the TDMA based Global System for Mobile communication GSM covered Europe when the technology was first introduced.
This paved the way for an interim evolution of 2G known as 2.5G with carrier frequencies of 200 kHz. The technology made its way to Asia in addition to Europe and USA. The services that came with the wireless technology included those offered by 2G such as Short messaging service Call forwarding caller ID and seamless roaming. The 2.5G technology made roaming calls possible letting subscribers make calls from different national boundaries provided the service provider allowed it. Base stations installed at fixed locations made this communication possible. GPRS and EDGE were the result of 2.5G.
Reaching a targeted rate of 2 Mbps data transfer the 3G technology arrived with global wireless frequencies enabling more phone calls per mobile and high speed data transfers for convenient video conferencing and streaming. 3G was first commercially launched in Japan by NTT DoCoMo in 2001featuring technologies like WCDMA CDMA2000 and UMTS. The carrier frequency went up to 5 MHz depending on the frequencies supported by different countries.
Just like 2.5G 3G also had an interim step up in the form of 3.5G more popularly known as Pre 4G. Although it didn’t get officially recognized as a standard by the ITU 3.5G was considered a first step to the next cellular technology generation then known as IMT Advanced which brought forth technologies like LTE and HSPA+.
The fastest cellular technology at present named as 4G uses Digital Broadband signals supporting data rates of up to 40 Mbps. The features included increased access and portability worldwide roaming and enhanced multimedia. Multichannel hi fi TV broadcasts and super fast HD video streaming are added advantages. It’s currently under development to support a wider range of frequencies. Based on all IP packet switched networks the 4G technology supports a scalable channel bandwidth ranging from 5 20 MHz.
The 4G system spectral efficiency has gone up to 3 bits Hz cell in the downlink and 2.25 bit Hz cell for using indoors. It provides the first opportunity for broadband access from remote locations. The growing divergence between telecom operators and vendors and the increased cost are supposedly the only weaknesses of this technology. The advent of 4G is presumed to squeeze the market competition in the mobile industry. FCC is currently seeking more unlicensed band of frequencies in the 5 GHz band to support gigabit range speeds for WiFi.

Other wireless technologies

The new 802.11 n is the latest wireless technology succeeding 802.11 b g a and can transmit multiple data streams through multiple antennas. Apart from cellular technologies from 1G to 4G one renowned and widely used wireless technology is the Bluetooth designed for sharing data at short distances. The Near Field Communication or NFC is another new technology that allows devices to establish radio communication with each other by just touching them together.
NFC is simple to set up and is basically used to boot more capable wireless connections at low speeds and to enable Bluetooth communication and file transfer faster. It can be used to share contacts photos videos and other files in a social networking platform and also gives easy access to multiplayer mobile games.


With the advent of innovative wireless technologies like LTE and NFC and many others the applications and use of wireless technology constantly expand exceeding expectations. This justifies the need for technological improvements that follow international standards. Owing to the enormous increase in demands for better connectivity and high bandwidth data usage on mobile devices further advancement of wireless technology is inevitable.
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